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Postby Tortoise Trust » Wed Jul 01, 2015 7:12 am

Lawrence wrote:I can't recommend the stuff more highly. Initially I bought everything but found the cobs not that interesting for the tortoises soaked or not. They dont seem to soak properly especially the end bits and wastage is high. The fibre is more practical and versatile for feeding, I reckon this is their main food plus fresh grass. Fresh green grass is fine but I think its too much and rich all the time so I get them to eat the fibre partially instead for a more varied and better diet and to save the pasture from being eroded. Of course I still toss in hibiscus flowers and leaves and other things suitable as well as mix this with the fibre.

Yes, it is very good stuff. Nice to see you back again Lawrence, and to hear everything is going well on all fronts.

If you have not seen it already, this thread adds some extra useful ideas:

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