Gaining & Losing Weight

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Gaining & Losing Weight

Postby olly » Sun Jul 10, 2016 12:27 pm

Hi everyone,
Daisy is now almost 6yrs old, a Horsfield.....
She`s had 3 hibernations, come out of them really well.......eats well , and generally, all is well.
She has annual check ups with Craig Hunt, from Sileby, Leics, one of the recommended vets listed on this site.
I worm her regularly as well.
I`m not too worried, but as a result of our British weather, and the unpredictability of it, it seems to also affect Daisy.
You read how the changing seasons have affected plant life as well as wildlife, so I guess it`s not unusual.
Daisy puts a lot of weight on once out of hibernation , and eats regularly, and quite well, so I`m never mithered if she goes off it for a few days, as this is normal.
However, her weight went up to 526g last month, and I was really delighted, but due to the constant rain, and overcast skies, she just seems to have estivated for longer periods, so when I weighed her this morning, she was only 495g.....that`s quite a substantial drop in my eyes.
I`m hoping the next few months will improve weather wise, and things will get back to an even keel.
Incidentally, she was 419g when she came out of hibernation this year, so her weight gain is ok, but is it a good thing, if it yo-yo`s ?
And, is there a year on year percentage weight gain to aim for pre-hibernation ?
Thanks in advance for your thoughts
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Re: Gaining & Losing Weight

Postby Tortoise Trust » Sun Jul 10, 2016 12:46 pm

No fixed percentage.

You really have to by the animal's overall health and behaviour, rather than numbers, in this respect.
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Re: Gaining & Losing Weight

Postby olly » Sun Jul 10, 2016 2:22 pm

Ok Andy, thank you,
I won't worry too much then, as she seems fine...... eyes bright and clear..... nose clear and dry etc etc
I've let her dig down for a couple of days, but then I coax her out for a bath, sometimes she'll eat, sometimes not.
A similar thing happened last year, when we AGAIN had a rubbish summer, apart from a couple of heatwaves . She buried really deep down and didn't seem to eat for ages.....
I took her to the vet, who said he was seeing a lot of that...... to be on the safe side, he kept her in to observe, and to get a blood sample.
When I collected her next day, he said he hadn't been able to get blood, as she was so feisty !....that's always a good sign as, he said, if a tortoise is poorly, its generally easy to extend the neck to take blood, so I was well relieved !!
I also read your article ,about the tortoises you're studying ,and how they eat in spring, then estivate through June, unless there's heavy rain, when they'll come out again....... so....
Overall, as long as her weight gain is steady, and going up each year, I won't worry about the yo yo effect.......... not yet anyway !!
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