Projects Supported by Jill’s Fund in 2011

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Projects Supported by Jill’s Fund in 2011

Postby Nadine Highfield » Thu Apr 26, 2012 10:24 am

Jill’s Fund has provided the following grants to support tortoise conservation and welfare in 2011 and has also paid for life saving surgery to several wild tortoises in Spain that needed emergency veterinary care. We could not have done this without the donations and fund-raising efforts of our supporters. Thank you!

Projects supported by the Jill Martin Fund for Tortoise Welfare and Conservation in 2011

Central Florida Wildlife Center Inc. £2,027.00
The Central Florida Wildlife Center provides treatment and rehabilitation for injured and critically ill tortoises and turtles. Their very large tortoise and turtle rehabilitation area is situated on six acres which provides the animals with a safe and natural environment in which to heal. With a focus on the threatened Florida gopher tortoise and other native chelonian species, the center's goal is to safely release rehabilitated animals back into their natural environment. To learn more about the amazing work this organisation does for tortoises and turtles, visit their website, see photos of the animals currently in rehab and watch the video showing tortoises and turtles recovering in the center's beautiful rehabilitation area:

Nutritional Analysis of Wild Tortoise Diets (Testudo graeca, Israel) £3,327.00
This field study provided valuable information about the nutritional content of the wild diet of Testudo graeca in Israel, contributing to our understanding of this species dietary requirements.

Emergency medical care for wild Testudo graeca (Almeria, Spain)
We have had a number of wild Testudo graeca that have been found with ear abscesses over the past year, due to their exposure to contaminated soil. These tortoises required surgery and laboratory analysis was preformed to identify the causal organisms. The cause of the contamination was isolated and removed. We continue to monitor the population in this area, with Jill’s Fund providing payment for any affected animals that require veterinary care.

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