Female musk behaviour

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Female musk behaviour

Postby Bigjoe » Fri Feb 06, 2015 6:55 pm

Recently I have watched both of my female musk turtles sitting on top of each other in the water only,never on the dry land area nor the logs,no aggression that I have observerd ,but does at times look like a Mexican stand off...waiting for something to happen.
It almost seems like mating behaviour but I'm 100% both mine are female,no fighting over food or area space :!:
Any ideas on this please.
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Re: Female musk behaviour

Postby Kaarina.rantala » Sun Feb 08, 2015 12:03 am

I haven't got a glue but I have a question about musk turtles... just read Nadines question about people preferring tortoises over turtles. And my second son would like a turtle (the elder one is proudly offering lodgings for Bolts terrarium in his room :D ). So I was just curious how did you decide on musk turtles and how much work has this pond turned out to be?
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Re: Female musk behaviour

Postby Bigjoe » Sun Feb 08, 2015 1:33 am

It just sort of happened. Kaarina ,we use a local garden centre for top soil / sand / plants ect for the Tortoies ,they also have an aquatic store within the centre,out of interest we quite often look at the fish and that's how we came across the two female Musk Turtles..a young couple came into the aquatic store looking to holiday the pair for two weeks,after been informed that they only sell fish / tanks ect ect they where dumped and left on the store counter.... :o
Now seeing the pair living in a Fish tank only fit for a small newt Miss Paula became very and I mean very upset at seeing them in such a small barren lifeless uninteresting set up that she decided to rehome them...so we didn't really decide it just sorta happened..and we don't regrett it for one second..great thing about Musk Turtles is they don't grow very big,5 inch SCL is about as big as it gets ,so getting a set up fixed wasn't going to be a problem...sure glad it wasn't a pair of snappers .. :lol:
Now as for the set up,very little work maintance wise,I used a fluval fx6 external canister filter system that's way over the top for the amount of water in the tub..they key is filtration ..get this right first time and your on a winner for sure.
Every weekend I do a 40 lt water change ,4 household buckets..so easy with the Fluval fx6 ,it takes about the time to fill the buckets with water and add the tap safe treatment ..5 mins ..to be honest this is over the top,but I always edge on caution,that's why I installed a uv water sterilizeing unit last month ..sounds complicated but again easy to do.
Keeping up with the plants in the set up again simple,good sturdy plants that give good cover and somewhere for the turtles to rest on is all you need to get right,I use 90 % real plants 10% fluval fake ones and boy the fake ones look real..
We only use the fake ones around the hides / cave area so as not to disturb this area .
Would I recommend Turtles for a Tortoise keeper..you bet..interesting ,fasinating ,alert,curious just springs to mind.
Now if circumstances had been different and there had only had been one Turtle ,I wouldn't have added a buddy..like some Tortoises best kept on their own,especially if buying a very young Turtle as you know ,you can't sex them at a young age just like Tortoises,male Musk Turtles can be very aggressive if kept together..
So good points of Musk Turtles ..easy to keep,don't grow to big,interesting,endearing little fellas
Bad points...none that I can think of..just remember with youngsters hygiene if handling and Musks have a good bite...
Kaarina if you need anything just holler and I'm sure you sure would enjoy looking after one..are they available in Finnland :?:
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Re: Female musk behaviour

Postby Tortoise Trust » Sun Feb 08, 2015 9:13 am

It is unfortunate how under-appreciated they are. Actually fascinating... we have our (rescued as a baby) Eastern Painted Turtle with us here, still. I think we have had her getting on 18 years now... first in New Jersey, then in Wales, now here in Spain. She is a very well travelled turtle :lol:
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