RIP Terri

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RIP Terri

Postby Daryn » Fri Apr 27, 2018 6:40 pm

Hello everyone, not been on for years but thought I would come on today to let you know Terri the tortoise was put to sleep today at the vets.

Basically this morning I checked on her and she had another prolapse, I took her to the reptile vet at Morpeth, the same vet that operated on her the last time, they said the op could cost around £500, I signed my life away and said no matter what the cost try to repair the damage. About an hour ago the vet phoned me to say that this time the tissue damage was so severe that he thought it best to put her to sleep and not make her suffer any longer. She was in a right old mess, much worse than before yet she was eating like a horse yesterday, bathed every day since hibernation and very active. We are all very upset.

We had Terri for about 6 years after rehoming her from a lady that fed her on cat food of all stuff. I give her as much of a natural life as I possibly could, hibernated her successfully and basically kept following up on all the new advice from this site as well as other sites. I helped relocate/ rehome another two tortoises to two other people that are now good friends of mine and used my building skills to help others out and give information as best as I could, these tortes are still doing very well and Im proud of that, I still go to the peoples homes to help prepare them for hibernation every year.

Thats it though I couldnt go through that again, for now anyway I have no plans of rehoming another one. What I would like to see is a total ban on these amazing beasts being sold. I believe alot of people buy them then get bored or dont do their homework and learn how to look after them properly, rehoming is the best thing people can do and I dont mean that to sound horrible towards breeders its just my opinion, no one knows beyond doubt that a keeper will love these animals for life as life can mean a very along time.

Terri had metabolic bone disease because of her poor diet and habitat conditions that she had from the first owner who had her from a hatchling, she was totally deformed but seemed so healthy and active, constantly looking for food.

Hope everyone is doing well and good luck for the future.

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Re: RIP Terri

Postby Tortoise Trust » Mon Apr 30, 2018 7:57 am

Sorry to hear....
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Re: RIP Terri

Postby Tracy33 » Mon Apr 30, 2018 5:46 pm

So , so sorry Daryn .

Your little Terri had a good life with you , but it does hurt when they go . You may want to rehome another later on .

I do hope you are other wise keeping well Daryn .

My best , Tracy .
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Re: RIP Terri

Postby AliTBimbo » Mon Apr 30, 2018 7:58 pm


Good to see you back on the forum but sorry about the reason....

So so sorry that you have lost Terri, and how, but keep with you that she has had the best last years of her life with YOU - and she enjoyed every minute of natural feeding etc.... MBD can be so severe and longstanding.... RIP Terri x


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Re: RIP Terri

Postby Stuart » Mon Apr 30, 2018 11:14 pm

Sorry to hear of this sad end to Terri.
As a fellow north-easterner, I've often wondered how you were doing - remembering your excellent builds and determination to do the best for your tortoise, and missing your contributions on this forum.
I understand your decision to call it a day, but glad that you are still able to guide and support others. Keep up that good work!
Best wishes Daryn.
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Re: RIP Terri

Postby Clara » Thu Jun 28, 2018 10:34 pm

So sorry to hear about Terri - you did a great job Daryn and it is good to hear from you again. i understand your reasons but feel that it is a real shame that another tortoise will not benefit from all your knowledge and experience.

Best wishes,
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