Taking tortoise and turtle photos - a quick guide

You can post photos of your tortoises (or even yourself) here, also photos of your setups, pens, etc. ONE THREAD PER USER PLEASE (just post to the same thread you want to change or add anything). This will help prevent the other board areas from becoming overloaded with miscellaneous images from the same user.

Re: Taking tortoise and turtle photos - a quick guide

Postby Sue Doxat » Sun Jun 16, 2013 8:34 pm

I know these are old posts but still as interesting. I just wondered if any body has much experience with monitoring activities using a wireless video. I want to see what is going on in my garden overnight, particularly around my pond. There is a huge range from £30 to hundreds of pounds. I just want a good basic one that is reliable. Any ideas welcomed please.
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