When to apply the JR

All questions relating to hibernation can be placed here. It will make a good reference source for new keepers and keep hibernation related topics in one place, and easy to find.

When to apply the JR

Postby BigJO » Tue Dec 29, 2015 8:49 pm

I've noticed that when taking measurements of weight and length during the wind-down period the Jackson Ratio that can be calculated changes hugely during the wind down period.

With tortoises of less than 200g I find there is a situation where a very small change in the length or weight measurement can take the tortoise right out of the 'safe to hibernate' category and into an unsafe one.

If I measure a small tortoise several times I will get several measurements - all different. This despite being really careful.

So, would I be right in thinking that this problem gets less over time so that when the tortoise is a lot bigger and heavier there is less risk of error leading to a wrong ratio?

And, when should the ratio be calculated? If it is at the end of the wind-down period then I've got a couple of underweight critters right here. But if it's taken at the midpoint in wind-down then there is no problem at all.
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Re: When to apply the JR

Postby Tortoise Trust » Wed Dec 30, 2015 9:34 am

It is a very rough guide...

It is better than nothing for inexperienced keepers, however.
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