2nd hibernation

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Re: 2nd hibernation

Postby JerryMaffz » Mon Feb 13, 2017 4:02 pm

There is indeed much conflicting advice. Sometimes from the same person(s)!!
We must also remember that some advice, whilst written with good intention, may now be outdated.
Getting good advice on tortoises seems to be a lottery, but you will find great advice on this forum
The best way to go is to think what a wild tortoise would do and apply common sense.
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Re: 2nd hibernation

Postby Sandy » Mon Feb 13, 2017 4:20 pm

treacleminer wrote:Yes but I was going by what the shop said. They said not to hibernate the first year and if I did it would invalidate the guaruntee.
to hibernate for 1 week when 2, 2 weeks when 3, 3 weeks when four......gradually working up to 8 weeks.
Last year they were very little (under 100g) but did their 1 week hibernation.
Is this advice twaddle.

Sorry this shop should stop selling tortoises, as they have no idea on how to keep them.
My tortoises hibernate from their first year (40-80grms or less) they all hibernate for at least eight weeks, with carefully monitoring. If they loose to much weight (not happened in over 25yrs of breeding) then I would just get them up.
My adults start winding themselves slowly from around August. I then stop all feeding and shut them in the GH. Once I have finished winding them down (four weeks) then they are left, with monitoring to dig down in the GH soil for hibneration. They choose how long they are down. If temps are cold in October then the dig down, and if temps dont get better until March then they stay down.
I checked them this morning, and I can see they have started to move the soil, so soil temps must be rising here. So in another month they probably will be up.
Your tortoises should have a week with out food, but normal temps and of course water.
The second and third week the temps and light should be reduced gradually, so they have empty stomachs ready for hibernation.
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Re: 2nd hibernation

Postby treacleminer » Mon Feb 13, 2017 4:24 pm

Thanks both of you.
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