Female Sulcata *Urgent* (Wigan) (Duffy)

This list is of animals currently reported to us in need of a new home. Descriptions and circumstances (where known) are included. Full contact details are not. You will need to request these details. We must be satisfied that you have adequate facilities for the species you are applying for. There are no charges whatsoever.

Female Sulcata *Urgent* (Wigan) (Duffy)

Postby Nadine Highfield » Sun Oct 16, 2016 10:02 am

We have received this urgent rehoming request from a friend of an elderly couple who were left with a growing female Sulcata. They have been trying to rehome him for three years now, and they are no longer physically able to care for her.

The friend of the elderly couple emailed the following:

An elderly couple, living in Wigan, both in their mid 70s who were looking after a sulcata for a neighbour friend but then they told them they didn't want Tommy back when they moved away. So they have been trying their best.
They have had Tommy for a few years, they asked on the forum 2 years ago about finding a home.

Tommy lives in their house, they are no longer able to pick him/her up. The wife, definitely can't lift him, and her husband is now struggling. They have a small paved garden, with no grazing.

The photo of Tommy was taken 3 years ago, The owner said she is double the size now, plastron measures 18" and weighs around 4 stone.

If you would like to offer this beautiful tortoise a home, please send a completed application and photos of your indoor housing and secure outdoor tortoise area to Nadine at TortoiseTrustRehoming@gmail.com with "Female Sulcata *Urgent* (Wigan) (Duffy)" as the subject.

Please read the following information carefully before preparing your application:

You can read about the requirements for adoption here:

This is information about our application process: http://www.tortoisetrustforum.org/phpbb3_live/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=9508

You can download a rehoming application here: http://www.tortoisetrustforum.org/nadine/Downloads-Adoption_Application.doc

If you are unable to download an application you can find one here. Please copy and paste it into a document (or email) and send it to me with the photos of your facilities: http://www.tortoisetrustforum.org/phpbb3_live/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=9808

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