Housing Guidelines

This list is of animals currently reported to us in need of a new home. Descriptions and circumstances (where known) are included. Full contact details are not. You will need to request these details. We must be satisfied that you have adequate facilities for the species you are applying for. There are no charges whatsoever.

Housing Guidelines

Postby Tortoise Trust » Mon Mar 21, 2011 7:33 am

Please refer to our booklet for basic ideas on what you WILL NEED to adopt a tortoise.

http://www.tortoisetrust.org/Downloads/ ... es_web.pdf

We need to see evidence that you have satisfactory indoor and outdoor accommodation available at the time of your application.

This means:

1) Tortoise Table or large indoor pen with adequate light/heat
2) Well drained, properly planted, secure outdoor area with dry overnight accommodation and preferably, also a greenhouse/sheltered area.

See this for some forum user's ideas and examples:


Flat pens on grass - not acceptable
Pens that are too small - not acceptable
Pens on damp soil - not acceptable
Pens on concrete/paving slabs - not acceptable
Pens without shelter - not acceptable
Pens that dogs have access to - not acceptable (risk of attack/parasites)

We do not adopt to anyone intending on keeping tortoises in a fish-tank type vivarium for health and welfare reasons (see our reports on this topic).
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