This list is of animals currently reported to us in need of a new home. Descriptions and circumstances (where known) are included. Full contact details are not. You will need to request these details. We must be satisfied that you have adequate facilities for the species you are applying for. There are no charges whatsoever.


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For many years we only rehomed tortoises (or turtles) to Tortoise Trust members, however the flood of imported tortoises into the UK and sold in pet shops and online has resulted in people buying these animals on impulse and without any understanding of their care and feeding requirements. Many soon realise that they do not wish to keep these animals and want to rehome them.

The vast number of unwanted pet tortoises and turtles has created a serious welfare situation for these animals. In an effort to ensure that these animals are placed with people who have the knowledge and facilities to care for them properly, we began our public rehoming system, in which we assist non-members to rehome tortoises they can no longer keep.

Tortoises or turtles rehomed through our public rehoming system are not Tortoise Trust animals and, as such, become the property of the person who adopts them. The Tortoise Trust is not responsible for any veterinary or other expenses that may arise.

You do not have to be a Tortoise Trust member to adopt a tortoise from our public rehoming system, but even by placing animals on our rehoming list, we have duty and responsibility to make sure to the best of our ability that the new keeper:

a) Has adequate and suitable facilities.

We will need to see current photos of your setup, including outdoor and indoor accommodation. We may comment on these and suggest improvements or alterations

b) Understands the dietary needs of the species applied for.

We expect you to be able to describe the diet you intend using. Again, we may suggest further reading or improvements.

c) Understands basic disease prevention and quarantine requirements and also understands behavioural problems that may arise (e.g., aggression, territorial behaviour, etc.).

You will need to describe your approach to these issues. Our general guidelines can be found on our main website and on our forum.

Depending on the circumstances there may be other questions we need to ask.

Please refer to our booklet for basic ideas on what you WILL NEED to adopt a tortoise. ... es_web.pdf

We need to see evidence that you have satisfactory indoor and outdoor accommodation available at the time of your application.

This means:

1) Tortoise Table or large indoor pen with adequate light/heat

2) Well drained, properly planted, secure outdoor area with dry overnight accommodation and preferably, also a greenhouse/sheltered area.

See this for some forum user's ideas and examples:


Flat pens on grass - not acceptable
Pens that are too small - not acceptable
Pens on damp soil - not acceptable
Pens on concrete/paving slabs - not acceptable
Pens without shelter - not acceptable
Pens that dogs have access to - not acceptable (risk of attack/parasites)
Enclosed and fish-tank type vivariums - not acceptable

We do not rehome to anyone intending on keeping tortoises in a fish-tank type vivarium for health and welfare reasons (see our reports on this topic).

If you wish to adopt a tortoise or turtle from our Public Rehoming System, please download an adoption application here: ... tion_2.doc

Applications are to be emailed to Nadine at Please do not offer to rehome a tortoise (or turtle) on the forum or use the forum's private messaging to contact us about rehoming. Unless a listing is marked as "REHOMED" that animal is still available.

We need a separate application for each tortoise. Circumstances change, so we must have up-to-date details and photos from you every time. Applications that do not fit this criteria will be automatically rejected. There are no exceptions.
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