This list is of animals currently reported to us in need of a new home. Descriptions and circumstances (where known) are included. Full contact details are not. You will need to request these details. We must be satisfied that you have adequate facilities for the species you are applying for. There are no charges whatsoever.


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Tortoises can live a very long time, and it is quite common for these incredible animals to still be going strong even as we are ourselves might be slowing down a bit. Other circumstances can also result in a need to find a much loved pet a new home: illness, a house move, a career change, etc. This can be a very distressing time as it is not easy to pass on responsibility to someone else, especially a stranger.

If you are in that position you will want to try to ensure that:

Your tortoise will receive proper care (by that, we mean diet, housing and veterinary attention when needed);

Your tortoise will not be placed at risk (by mixing with other species, by being forced to breed if it is unsuitable, by failing to have adequate quarantine and hygiene precautions in place, for example).

The Tortoise Trust has a two-tiered rehoming system: Private Rehoming of Tortoise Trust animals (which requires Tortoise Trust membership) and Public Rehoming, in which members of the public can both list and adopt tortoises (without membership).

Both Public Rehoming and Private Rehoming require the same information from those wishing to list tortoises or turtles and those who wish to offer an animal a home.

To list your tortoise we need to know:

Your full name and address (so we can include a general area in your listing).

Your telephone number (in the event we cannot reach you by email).

If you are a member of the Tortoise Trust.

If the animal you wish to rehome is a Tortoise Trust animal that you were fostering or if it is an animal that you acquired elsewhere.

Why you need to rehome the tortoise or turtle.

We also need clear photos of the animal you wish to rehome in order to identify its species and (if it is old enough) to also determine its sex. Please include the carapace (shell) length so we know how large the tortoise or turtle is.
It is vital for the health and welfare of the animals involved that we obtain accurate information as to species, age and sex. This is to ensure that your tortoise or turtle will not be placed with another that (due to its species, size or sex) it may be incompatible with. When this precaution is not taken, illnesses or injuries can result.

Please include the following photos for identification: One of the head and front legs, one from the side showing the entire animal, one of the plastron (underside of the shell) which clearly shows the shell markings and tail area, and one from the rear of the shell that shows the tail. In addition to the photos needed for identification, please include a couple of photos to be included in the listing. It is also very helpful if you can provide a brief history of the animal; for example, the diet that has been provided, how it was kept, if it has it lived alone or with others, etc.

If you have any questions about our rehoming service, please do not hesitate to contact us. There are no fees whatsoever involved, either for persons needing new homes, or for those adopting. Our sole concern is to ensure the future welfare of the animal.

We cannot list your tortoises for rehoming until both the information and photos are received. Please send the requested information and photos (together in one email) to

Please send all future correspondence from the same email address (if possible). If you send any further emails, send it as a response to the last you have received from us and this will include all the previous emails as well. This allows me to quickly find all the details and photos regarding the animal you wish to rehome.

[b]Please do not place a listing for an animal yourself. We will list it as soon we receive the requested information and then assist you in finding a knowledgeable keeper with the correct facilities for the animal being rehomed.

When we receive this information we will list your tortoise in the rehoming area of our online forum and begin taking applications from those who wish to offer it a home. We know that rehoming a pet is a difficult decision and we make every effort to ensure that these tortoises or turtles are placed with individuals who can provide them with a good standard of care. Applicants must demonstrate their knowledge of the care required for the species they are applying for and have suitable indoor and outdoor facilities available for the animals they wish to adopt. We require photographs of the setups.

When we receive an application from someone we feel could provide a good home for your animal, we will contact you. You will then be able to speak to the individual yourself. If you choose to rehome to them, both parties can decide the best way to organise the trip to take your pet to its new home.

We ask that you keep us informed. Tortoise Trust animals (through our Private Rehoming) can only be rehomed to members that have been approved by us to foster the animal. We will keep the animal listed and attempt to rehome it for as long as it takes to place it with another approved Tortoise Trust member.

If you are rehoming through our Public Rehoming system, however, you do not need to rehome your animal to a Tortoise Trust member. We will assist you by reviewing any applications from people that wish to offer your tortoise a home, and contact you whenever we receive an application from someone we feel could provide a good home. If you have found a home yourself, however, please inform us so we can remove the listing from our forum. To help us keep our Public Rehoming listings current, and to know if the animals listed are still available (or if they have been rehomed), we ask you to renew your listing every four months. If your tortoise has not been rehomed at the end of that time, you will need to email us to renew the listing. It can take time to find a suitable home for a tortoise or turtle and, provided that you keep your listing active, we will be happy to assist you for as long as it takes.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at
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