PLEASE READ - Requirements For Rehoming Applications

This list is of animals currently reported to us in need of a new home. Descriptions and circumstances (where known) are included. Full contact details are not. You will need to request these details. We must be satisfied that you have adequate facilities for the species you are applying for. There are no charges whatsoever.

PLEASE READ - Requirements For Rehoming Applications

Postby Nadine Highfield » Thu May 30, 2013 3:10 pm

We receive many emails every week from people who wish to rehome tortoises. Given the growing number of rehoming requests and limited amount of time I have to review applications it is very important that applicants follow the instructions provided in the rehoming guidelines and within the individual listings of animals for rehoming.

If you are submitting your first application, the following information will help. If you have applied to rehome an animal previously but haven't received a response, please read the following and re-submit your application and photos. It could be that we haven't received all the necessary information or that some of the requirements weren't met.

Please note:

All correspondence regarding rehoming must be done by email. Requests to list an animal for rehoming and applications to rehome animals listed on the Tortoise Trust Forum must be sent by email to Nadine at

Please do not list tortoises or turtles you wish to rehome on the forum yourself. Read the following information and send your request for me to list your tortoise or turtle for rehoming to

Do not offer a home for an animal on the forum. You must complete and application and send the required photos of your facilities to

Please send your application and photos together in one email and all future correspondence regarding the animal you wish to rehome from the same email address (if possible).

Please indicate the animal you wish to rehome. You can find different species and both juveniles and adults that are available for rehoming here on the public rehoming list. If you aren't sure what species to rehome, use our forum and the article section of the Tortoise Trust website to learn more about the different species and the care and space requirements they have. It will help you to decide which you might choose to rehome.

Use the exact words that I have asked to include as the subject. Using a subject, such as “Female Hermann’s (London) (Jones)”, enables me to quickly find the tortoise you are interested in, and to also find your application in my email records when I am considering placement of a specific animal. You can also include the URL/web address for the page where the listing is found. If you do not have the correct subject in your email, your application may be overlooked when I am looking at applications for that animal.

If you wish to rehome a tortoise or turtle from our rehoming list, please follow instructions, read our rehoming requirements carefully, complete the application with detailed answers, and provide all the information and photos required. We need to know that a rehoming applicant has the knowledge and facilities to care for an animal that has very specific dietary and environmental requirements. We need to have confidence that they can follow the necessary care guidelines and will continue to learn more about husbandry. An animal’s life will depend on this. As such, the first thing I ask myself when I receive an application is, “Can this person carefully read and follow instructions?”

Unfortunately, most applications I receive do not have the correct facilities, or are not providing the correct diet for the animals that they wish to rehome. Despite clearly stating (in red) in our rehoming guidelines, that we will not rehome to individuals who plan to keep tortoises in the following conditions, most applications I receive have one or more of these problems in their facilities. We must consider the health and welfare of the tortoises we rehome and will not rehome to people who plan to keep tortoises in:

Flat pens on grass - not acceptable
Pens that are too small - not acceptable
Pens on damp soil - not acceptable
Pens on concrete/paving slabs - not acceptable
Pens without shelter - not acceptable
Pens that dogs have access to - not acceptable (risk of attack/parasites)
Enclosed and fish-tank type vivariums - not acceptable

Tortoise require indoor housing for when it is cold and wet (a tortoise table in the house or within an insulated shed or greenhouse with light and heating) AND a secure outdoor habitat where they can graze and have exposure natural sunlight. We will not rehome to people who do not provide both of these, and we must see photos of your indoor and outdoor facilities when you apply to rehome a tortoise.

The applications of those individuals that know the care and feeding requirements of the animals they wish to rehome, who can describe them (in detail) in their application, and have clear photos of indoor and outdoor facilities that provide the correct environmental conditions are those that we approve. Please read our guidelines carefully and research the species that you wish to rehome before applying. We want to approve more applications but, they must meet our requirements.

Please understand, we do not insist on these requirements to be difficult. For many, many years we have seen animals come to the Tortoise Trust with serious health problems because they were kept in these kinds of unsuitable conditions. Often their owners didn’t realise that the way they were keeping them could result in illness, and lead to vet bills of hundreds or even thousands of pounds to treat their tortoise or turtle. Sadly, in some cases, the damage can be irreversible. We want to help prevent this kind of suffering by making sure that any animals we help rehome have the care and facilities they need to live healthy and happy lives. And we also want to prevent their keepers from incurring expensive vet bills to treat health problems that could have been so easily prevented.

There are always tortoises and turtles that need new homes, and we need people that have the knowledge and facilities to provide them with the care, diet and environmental conditions they require. The following resources will help you research the species you wish to rehome and what their care requirements are:

You will find a great deal of information about tortoise husbandry and the care and maintenance of aquatic turtles in the article section of the Tortoise Trust Website:

The Tortoise Trust Forum is an excellent resource for learning about tortoise and turtle husbandry, and it has specific sections on feeding and nutrition, habitat and housing design, health and veterinary topics, hibernation and a general topics section where a range of questions are raised and discussed:

And don't forget to read the natural history section of the forum. It will give you important insights into how these animals actually live in the wild, and how you can use that knowledge to improve the care and conditions for those species when kept as pets:

If you are considering a species that hibernates, read our new edition of "Safer Hibernation and Your Tortoise" so you can hibernate your tortoises safely in even the most severe winters:
If you haven't hibernated a tortoise before and have concerns and questions, you'll find help and support in the hibernation section on our forum.

Use these resources as you prepare to keep a tortoise or turtle, and ask questions on our forum about anything you’re not sure about. We have experienced keepers that will be more than happy to answer questions and share their knowledge and experience with you.

I hope this helps you to prepare a successful application,

Nadine Highfield
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