Public Rehoming Application

This list is of animals currently reported to us in need of a new home. Descriptions and circumstances (where known) are included. Full contact details are not. You will need to request these details. We must be satisfied that you have adequate facilities for the species you are applying for. There are no charges whatsoever.

Public Rehoming Application

Postby Nadine Highfield » Mon Sep 09, 2013 11:44 am

If you are having difficulty downloading a rehoming application, you can cut and paste the following application into a document or email.

Please carefully read the information in the following links first and include all required photos (including a description of each) and send these together with your application. We cannot consider an application unless it is complete and all the necessary photos and information are attached. If you are asked to revise your application you will need to send the new application and all the photos again.

Please do not send us an email to ask if a tortoise is still available or post that question in a listing. If a tortoise or turtle is listed in the public rehoming section, it is available unless it is marked as *REHOMED*. These are not Tortoise Trust animals, so there is always the possibility that an owner has rehomed the animal themselves without informing us, but I will only know that when I contact them regarding an application that has been received and approved.

Nadine Highfield


Please complete the following application and email it with the requested photos to


Please provide the first line of your STREET ADDRESS.

Please provide your POSTAL TOWN.

Please provide your COUNTY.

Please provide your POST CODE.

Please provide your EMAIL ADDRESS.

Please provide your telephone number.

Are you currently a paid-up Tortoise Trust member?

Have to taken the Tortoise Trust Course on Husbandry?

Are you a reptile dealer or trader?

Do you sell tortoises OTHER THAN those you have personally bred yourself?

Do you captive breed tortoises or turtles? If so, please list species involved. If not, state 'No'.

Do you currently have any tortoises or turtles?

If so, what species do you keep at present? Please list the species, age and sex of each.

How many separate groups of tortoises do you have? Please describe them.

Have you previously adopted any animals from our Private (TT Members only) Rehoming System. Which animals?

Have you previously adopted animals from our Public (non-members) Rehoming System?
Which animals?

What species are you applying to adopt? Be specific.

Please describe your facilities (in detail) including indoor and outdoor accommodation.

Please describe how you would keep these species, the type of diet you would use (list specific food items) and how (and where) you would hibernate any hibernating species.

How will you meet the disease prevention and quarantine requirements for this animal?

How would you address any behavioural problems that may arise between animals (e.g., aggression, territorial behaviour, etc.). Describe.

Is there another Tortoise Trust member who could act as a reference?

If answer above is 'Yes' please provide their name and postal town.

We will require photos of your facilities, including those that will be used for the required 18th-month quarantine period. Please include the actual dimensions. We would also like photos of any tortoises an adopted tortoise would be placed with after the quarantine period. This is to confirm the species ID and ensure compatibility. Please describe each photo (so we know what it is) and attach all the photos when you submit your application. If you are asked to revise your application you will need to send the new application and all the photos again.
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