What the Tortoise Trust is - and is not

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What the Tortoise Trust is - and is not

Postby Tortoise Trust » Fri Jul 02, 2010 6:23 am

The Tortoise Trust has, since its inception in the early 1980's, had some very specific objectives and methods that make it very different from other entities involved with chelonia. I think it worth re-stating these. They are:

To carry out original research directed towards improving chelonian welfare and conservation.

Past examples include our early work on the effects of diet on growth, which has been hugely influential, our work on microclimates, substrates and water balance both in captivity and in the wild, and recent (ongoing) work on thermoregulation, behaviour and the chemical balance of wild foods. This type of work is not merely theoretical. It can be used to improve captive husbandry methods, for example exposing the weaknesses of small enclosed vivarium tanks for tortoises, or to develop better diets for captive animals. We have recently published ground-breaking work on the causes of 'pyramiding' deformity in tortoises, have produced a detailed analysis of why very high fibre diets are so critical, and will shortly be publishing new work on the effect of basking lamps on health and development. Even the (now) popular 'Tortoise Table' housing system was developed by us, and rapidly gained popularity from 1996 onwards when we described it in the "Practical Encyclopedia of Keeping & Breeding Tortoises and Freshwater Turtles". In short, every keeper can (and probably has) benefited in some way or other from work that originated with the Tortoise Trust.

To publish and make available sound practical advice that is backed up by research and experience

Examples include 'Safer Hibernation and Your Tortoise' (1986) and the more recent 'Taking Care of Pet Tortoises' produced in conjunction with the Jill Martin Fund, plus our extensive website as well as this forum. Other examples include our guidance on tortoise housing and the Animal Welfare Act. We have other projects "in the works" right now of a similar nature. We also try to run as many educational events as we can. Workshops, field-trips, courses, etc. We were among the first in the world to point out the dangers posed by epidemic disease in chelonia and we have continued to try to educate keepers on this topic ever since. We have always has an 'open web' policy where as much information as possible is made available to all, without charge, via the Internet. We were doing this even before there was an Internet - back in the early 1980's via 'Bulletin Board' systems.

To work for tortoise and turtle conservation

We have carried out field-work in over 15 countries to date. Our work in Morocco some years ago has been very influential and is frequently cited in journals. We were the first tortoise organisation to involve travel companies in efforts to educate tourists to avoid supporting the illegal trade. We have also supported other programs, including those for endangered South African and Egyptian tortoises. We recognise that habitat protection and management is the key to long-term conservation of tortoises and we are committed to doing our utmost to support that objective.

Practical rescue and rehoming

We have always tried to offer help where we can to any tortoise or turtle in need. From the early days with Jill Martin and 'the tortoise hospital' to more recent large-scale seizures and rehabilitation cases. We are, however, a very small organisation indeed. We are not like the RSPB or RSPCA. We do not have staff. We do not have unlimited funds. We do the best we can with what we have. We rely on volunteer help.

That, in a nut-shell is what we are about.

It is worth stating what we are not about.

1) We are not a fast-track route to "free tortoises".
2) We cannot provide a personal advice service. We don't have the resources. Please use the forum for that. It is why we set it up.
3) We do not exist to "serve" individual members or supporters. We exist to carry out the objectives set out above.

If you find what we do useful, you are very welcome to support it and participate in it. If you do not like what we do, no-one forces you to take any notice of it. Please leave us alone to get on with it. We are not perfect, but we always do the best we can.
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Re: What the Tortoise Trust is - and is not

Postby olly » Thu Jan 16, 2014 1:12 pm

Well , I for one , rely on you & TT advice , 100%....!!....especially after the very very poor advice from the assistant in the aquarium shop where we bought Toby , and literally had to change every single aspect of his care , habitat , food etc etc , once I did the research.....ashamedly , should have been done WELL before the purchase......but definitely made up for it since , thanks to TT.
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