Bored and lonely tortoise?

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Bored and lonely tortoise?

Postby Tortoise Salad » Thu Aug 16, 2018 1:54 pm

female Hermann 7yrs

She's not exactly sick but I don't understand this behaviour and wondered if anyone else has this with their tortoise?...

I often see her sleeping in the day under or near her basking lamp, then when she sees me she burst into action, almost as though being on her own is so boring all she wants to do is sleep. I thought perhaps the reaction to seeing me was sign of waiting for food... but I don’t think it is now, because the last couple of weeks it's changed... Instead of just sleeping/basking, she now scratches at the door to come into the house (from the greenhouse). I try to ignore her sometimes but she'll scratch for over half an hour sometimes. When I open the door to let her in she follows me backwards and forwards around the kitchen, then when I sit down she'll climb and sit on my feet or sit under my chair. Sometime she does get tempted to go back out for food, but this morning I had to go in the greenhouse to get her to follow me out, because food wasn't enough, I jumped back into the house before she could follow me back in again.

At first I thought it was all quiet sweet but now its getting kind of frustrating because I cant always be there to keep her company, and I don't like to think of having a bored pet. I’ve not heard of tortoises doing this before so thought I would ask, I see no signs of distress or injury, but I wondered if perhaps it was something to do with boredom or territory, or perhaps she would be better living with another tortoise?

Any advice would great :) Thanks
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Re: Bored and lonely tortoise?

Postby ejs » Tue Aug 21, 2018 9:29 pm


I have a 10 year old female hermanns and she is very similar. I can't say that it concerns me as she has always seeked attention from me.

When she knows I am in the house she scratches to come out of her enclosure and when I am out she tends to bask goodly. I know this as I have a web cam on her.

When I let her out for a stomp she will follow me and if I sit on the floor with her she will climb on my lap and curl up and sleep while I stroke her shell. She also likes to burry her nose into my hand and just smell. When she really wants attention she will come over and tug on my clothes by grabbing it in her beak. She never bites my skin though ....she is very gentle.

I can't offer any advice but I thought you would like to know you are not alone!
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