Sick Horsfield mycoplasma hypoproteinemia

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Sick Horsfield mycoplasma hypoproteinemia

Postby sadsack82 » Sun Dec 08, 2019 6:38 pm

Basic background 3 year old torty, owned for 14 months, bad start to life, wrong lamp, crap food, no baths, etc. So long story short nurses back to health, hydrated, eating home cultivated weeds, forty looking healthy and strong, good appetite.
Vet check in October, decided to have a blood test, came back hypoproteinemia and low (next to no) white blood cells, torty still eating etc re bleed 2 weeks same story, re bleed 2 weeks later ,low protein still, wbc normal, torty still doing ok but reduced appetite, also slightly high urea, start in antivirals, antibiotic and enalapril for kidneys.
Re bleed back to low white blood cells, low protein, so CT scan showed nothing, nasal pcr mycoplasma positive, herpes negative. Torty still active, diminished eating but will eat something after a bath, no nasal discharge, eyes bright, walking ok. So changed antibiotic, still in antivirals and kidney meds, although urea back to normal now.
Stopped eating altogether on a Monday so had a feeding tube put in on Wednesday. Since feeding tube put in, he is sleeping all day and night, he won’t wake up unless I really want him to, he sleeps through his bath, he won’t eat anything, is getting tube fed twice a day so not that bothered that he’s not eating, but he won’t even eat a strawberry or cucumber (favourites). So we are in day 10 of 14, vet will re bleed on day 14, I know that tortys take a long time to recover, is it acceptable to keep him going for longer than two weeks, giving that he just sleeps all day, I know he’s probably feeling crap, so if you slept through an illness, is that ok? Do tortys sleep more when they are unwell, is this normal behaviour for this time of year and it’s throwing me off? When he is awake his eyes are bright, he stamps around, mainly to get away from me, no nasal discharge, he’s hydrated, he’s fed, I’m really looking to speak to someone who’s been through similar to tell me how long I can carry on with him like this. Thank you
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