Radiated tortoises going back home

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Radiated tortoises going back home

Postby Avatar » Thu Jun 05, 2014 12:45 pm

http://www.turtlesurvival.org/blog/1-bl ... 5BV1ZVZqhw

"To minimize the tortoises' movement, the smugglers taped each animal into its shell, which is typical of the cruel conditions to which most confiscated tortoises are exposed"...... :cry: :cry: :cry:

These smugglers should be taped so as to prevent excessive movement during their way to prison :evil:

1 Sulcata
1 Testudo Graeca
1 Red Ear Slider
1 Chinese Striped-necked turtle
1 Reeves's turtle
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Re: Radiated tortoises going back home

Postby Clara » Fri Jun 06, 2014 7:54 pm

So glad this shipment was intercepted and so many will be returned to the wild. The cynic in me says that the poachers will be back nonetheless :cry:
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Re: Radiated tortoises going back home

Postby Bigjoe » Fri Jun 06, 2014 9:12 pm

Gloria thanks for posting this one
Clara yes I think your right.
This is why we must support the Jill Martin Fund no matter how small a contribution .
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