Global Nature manages to increase Testudo graeca populations

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Global Nature manages to increase Testudo graeca populations

Postby Murziano » Wed Nov 11, 2009 10:29 pm ... 91110.html

Global Nature manage to increase Testudo graeca populations

Global Nature Foundation have managed to increase Spanish Testudo graeca populations after 15 years of conservaion work, resulting in densities of 17 individuals per Hectare in some places in which there were barely any animals.

Global Nature Coordinator, Juan Luis Castanedo reminded associates last Sunday in a meeting, that the Testudo Graeca Project started in 1994 with the aim of conserving those scarce wild populations that still kept healthy densities following some of the recommendations of the European Board for the recovery of threatened species habitats.

The basis of this project, Castanedo added, is the creation of a "Land Custody Network", named Biology Reserves Network, by signing agreements with land owners where the species lives.

209 Properties

This Network has currently 209 properties integrated, adding up to 9000 hectares in which this protected species populations are recovering "very favourably".

Supporting cultural, pedagogic and scientific popular initiatives in the influence area of the proyect, chanelling other fields' cooperation such as farmers, hunters, lad owners and social organizations, and developing public awareness and difussion campaings and programs of the species and its habitat have been other Global Naturre's work fields.

The Foundation celebrate this project's Fifteenth Anniversary this year.

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Re: Global Nature manages to increase Testudo graeca populations

Postby Tortoise Trust » Thu Nov 12, 2009 6:12 am

This is an EXCELLENT program - and we were honoured to meet those involved recently.

We hope to work more closely with them in future.

It is great to hear some positive conservation news for a change. Just shows - do not give up, it CAN be done!

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