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New/Old Member Logging in

Postby JKC67 » Wed Jun 02, 2010 1:03 pm

Hi Julie,

got your e-mail this morning and here I am logging in to say hello.

Not sure what I put in my adoption form, apart from a lot of waffle. But I was previously a member of the trust and have also completed the trust course, this was several years ago.

I have vast experience in keeping both European and Tropical Tortoises, and also some experience in keeping turtles.

I moved abroad a few years back with work and unfortunately had to give up my tortoises. Well my Marginateds went to my sister and she refuses to give them back! Although I have to say they are very happy there and she has provided them with a great home.

I would now like to get back involved with tortoises, have a great large garden that could provide several very large runs for tortoises. I also have a very large outbuilding which could also be used. If you need any further information from me which would help me in the adoption process, please let me know.

Thanks and regards,

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