Mediterranean spur thigh in Spain

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Mediterranean spur thigh in Spain

Postby Chadwickclare » Tue Aug 22, 2017 5:31 pm

Hi we have recently moved to Spain and brought our tortoise (Mediterranean spur thighed)with us. I have had a tortoise for 40 years. I have one in England who I've had for 30 years and my present one I've had 6 years but he is about 13 and he has lived indoors (not in a vivarium but free roaming) he has always eaten hearts of romaine, little gem and cucumber plus dandelions and pooed once or twice a week and sometimes needed a bath to help. Since moving here he poo's 3/4 times a day and I cannot fill him. It's obviously 30 plus degrees he eats the same but no dandelions here. I have tried hibiscus flowers, prickly paw cactus leaves and other local weeds but he isn't interested. He keeps eating our toes and seems always hungry but has his cucumber then it comes out like slugs. He hasn't got worms and seems happy but it's driving me potty. I don't know what else to feed him either to bung him up.

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